Beauty is all around us; yet art comes from within and Amy Reber's fresh modern bold designs illustrate just that.  Drawing from her love of nature and mid-century architecture in their simplest forms, Amy's mantra is "never underestimate the power of a simple shape."  And she illustrates that time and again in her unique heartfelt designs.  Using pen and paper as her initial design implements, Amy a self-taught artist, is constantly looking to the world around her for inspiration.  Her portfolio is ever-evolving and incredibly prolific.  




Ana Davis is an artist whose work is classic with a twist. Inspired by architectural details and vintage elements, her collections are playful, color-rich and accessibly sophisticated.

In addition to creating artwork that is brimming with subtle juxtapositions, Ms. Davis has written and illustrated three children's books. Her artwork for children showcase the same color-rich palette that is found throughout her work, with whimsical storytelling to boot.


Caleb Gray.jpg



Whether coloring with his crayons on the wall or on paper, Caleb Gray was artistic since he was a scribbling squirt! A ceaseless stack of storybooks inspired his imagination and he began to tell his own tales through pictures. Although he outgrew coloring on the wall, he always knew he wanted to be an artist one day.

So in 2008, teaming his tastes for contemporary and nostalgic design, Caleb launched his studio of uniquely modern art with a fun, retro vibe. As a result, Caleb’s whimsical work can now be seen internationally not only on stationery and giftware, but a whole range of goods including fabrics, tableware, and home décor. “It gives me the biggest kick peppering the humor, style, and creativity I love into art that tickles everybody else too,” he says. “And it just goes to show that imagination can be a hoot at any age!”




I take the fear out of COLOR, PATTERN and DESIGN and help people embrace design to LIVE FEARLESSLY. I travel, I eat, I dance, I seek experiences for all the senses — and then I sit and allow the intuition to come through. I give myself the freedom to experiment with color, pattern, texture and design as a whole because…why not? I then distill all of this energy into product that every girl can relate to. I want everyone who interacts with our product to be able to feel a piece of themselves — whether that is the person they are or the person they are growing to become. To sum it up, Fearlessly Chic LivingTM, for all.